Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hopeless Hewlett Packard

I bought an laptop from the UK Hewlett Packard online shop on Boxing Day.  Received the laptop very quickly and was happy with it.  Then I tried to register the warranty.  I got the statutory one year and they gave me two years free. 

A week later after countless communications with HP my warranty is still not registered.  According to the notebook there is only seven months on the warranty when its brand new and it should be one year as standard.

Tried to register a different way only to be told my 'care pack' (their bum fluff name for warranty - more like no care pack) was registered to someone called Graham.  No idea who that is.  But hey, according to them he purchased the laptop.  Bit worrying.  Do I have a stalker?

If you're reading this Graham, I would be worried that Hewlett Packard are giving out your email address to a stranger.  You could be a girl and I could be sending you pictures of my knob. 

Tried to use their site to register, but would ya know the registration part for warranty is down.  Of course the one to get you to part with cash is still functioning.  Funny that. 

What is it with companies who take your money and then give you two fingers when you try to get the service you paid for? 

Don't worry HP, I won't abandon you.  I'll keep at you until you give me what I paid for. 


  1. I work for HP so I feel bad for you. But I work for the servers department so I'm afraid my knowledge of laptop regulations is very limited. Good luck figuring things out! Very strange that your care pack is registered to someone else. Secret admirer? haha

  2. Thanks Renate. Secret admirer? More like a stalker.


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