Friday, 22 April 2011

I'm not planning a real murder, honest.

Research for a novel can be varied. So far this month, I have looked into the following:

·         how easy it would be for a woman to jump out of cake (these cakes are called pop out cakes)
·         where a woman would keep a gun as she jumped out the cake
·         whether a garlic press can be used on a certain part of the male anatomy
·         how to dispose of a body in a way it can never be found

It’s no wonder that I permanently carry my Society of Authors card around with me.

Well, if you caught someone doing that kind of research would you not think they were up to no good?

Only writing, honest officer.


  1. I usually have to research a lot of dubious stuff to do with bodies and death. The trick is not to do it at work...that's where I save my weirder research for :P See if they dare fire me now! :D

    Steven Chapman (writer)

  2. I once went into the local undertaker and asked him what would happen to a body after a close relative had poisoned the person. He was very helpful. I did wonder what he'd think if I'd needed his professional services soon after that.

  3. Surprised he didn't call the police! He would have had there been a body soon after.

  4. That's awesome and hilarious!

    I've had the same issue researching for stories. I borrowed a plethora of books on stalking and murder and thought, "if the police ever check my library card, this just won't look right".


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