Sunday, 8 May 2011

Can The Office survive without Steve Carell?

I hope the show can survive without Steve Carell, but its doubtful.

To my mind, Will Ferrell, has been a disappintment and the last episode (the first without Carell was truly awful). In fact, I cheered when DeAngelo Vickers hurt himself. 

Here's what some of the critics thought of Ferrell's first outing in The Office -

I thought it was a fitting end to Michael Scott's time at in The Office, but could they have ended it some other way?

I think so.

Check out my piece at for some ideas - 

What do you think? How would you have ended Michael Scotts' time on the show?

Should he be with Holly or Dwight? Well, the man love has always been there.

Could Jan have come back on the scene, baby in tow, saying its Michael's?


  1. I suspect none of us are ever happy with losing favourite actors.
    I'm passing you the Versatile Blogger Award. Pop over to Carol's Corner to find out more.

  2. Thanks Carol. I'm flattered. Not quite sure what it means.

  3. Maybe they should have pulled a 'Dallas' and had Michael walk back into the office and they realize that his departure (and Will Ferrell's presence) was all just a bad dream.

  4. I wish it was just a dream Copper. I love that show. Not that keen on Will Ferrell since he's be in it.

  5. I wish it was just a dream. Without Carell the Office is awful.


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