Friday, 9 September 2011

The dreaded author photograph

The updated version of my bullying book is out and I hate the author picture. I wanted to look authorative, stylish, approachable.

Instead I look like none of those things. My head is so big I look like a Gonk* (a small, furry soft toy).

I read somewhere that readers like authors to look friendly, so you should smile in the picture. I tried that and ended up looking like a grinning buffoon.

I took the smile down a notch and realised I looked like the kind of woman who buried men under her patio. 

Not my author photo
Speaking to other writers I know I’m not alone in dreading that author picture.

The autors who actually seem to like theirs, or, at least feel okay about theirs, have:
  1. Gotten their photo done professionally.
  2. Or been born looking like a model.
How did my photo turn out? Guess you’ll have to buy the book.

But, I will tell you one thing – the picture was taken on a bad day and from my bad side not my good side. And, oh, since it was taken I have morphed into Jennifer Aniston.

To read more about Gonks, visit the Gonk Appreciation Socity on Facebook.


  1. Now you've made me wonder what your author pic looks like. The one you've used on this blog looks fab, wish I looked as good. I see you're a Pitlochry Quaich winner. I won it twice over, can't enter any more because I'm published now. I've already added your book to my TBR list and will watch out for it when it's published.

  2. I thought the slabs on your patio were rather uneven...

  3. You've made me giggle. Thank you. So glad I'm not the only one to hate their photo.

  4. Thanks Chris, Fiona and Louise. Chris, the one on my blog was taken a wee while ago now:)

  5. I'm not keen on any photo that I've had taken. I don't think I'd care too much if it was on the inside cover on a published novel. One day.....hopefully!

    Funny post, Jennifer. Gave your other blog a follow. :-)


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