Friday, 19 September 2014

An open letter to Alex Salmond

Dear Mr Salmond,
As I write this, I'm heartbroken as you no doubt are. As a coal miner's granddaughter, I saw at first hand how the Tories ripped the heart of Scotland. Our country has never recovered from the scars they inflicted upon it and Labour have betrayed working class people like myself by not undoing any of the damage the Tories inflicted upon our country.

I firmly believe that the vote would have been yes for independence, if I hadn't been for the fear the Better Together campaign engendered, together with Westminster.

I think we both know that.

However, that's not the reason I write to you. The reason I do is that I want to thank you for your commendable campaign that concentrated on the positives and never stooped to bullying or bluster. You and your team can be very proud of the way you conducted yourselves and made the whole country invigorated by politics.

Most people in my age group of 20-40 voted yes and it us who will hold the balance of power in the future. I firmly believe we can rise and will rise to be a nation again.

The police beating up a cool miner during the Thatcher era.

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