Friday, 22 May 2015

Winners of have a character named after you in Don't Come for Me (Crime Files Book 3)

A while ago to thank everybody for supporting my books, I held a competition for readers. The prize, a starring role in the 3rd book in the Crime Files series, Don't Come For Me.

There was only supposed to be 3 winners, but thanks to an amazing response (and because I'm so garbage at naming characters) I decided to have 5 winners.

And the winners are...

Thomas Dettingen

Kirsty Lothian

Per Lundberg

Connie Lundy
Bonnie Smith

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks to everyone who entered:) 

Each winner has had a character named after them in the 3rd Crime Files book, Don't Come for Me. 

Here's a wee taster -

Nancy Kerr's in trouble. Boyfriend Tommy McIntyre's missing, presumed dead, and the police think she's killed him. But, how can she prove her innocence when she's got no idea where he is, or whether he's alive or dead?

Sales links to follow:) 

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