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Vile City - coming to BookBub July 6th

I'm delighted to announce that Vile City will be listed on the awesome BookBub on Thursday July 5th. You'll be able to get the eBook in a variety of formats (for a limited time) for a discounted price.

So, if you haven't read Vile City already, why not give this twisty tale of office worker Shelley Craig's fight to stay alive so she can make it home and Inspector Duncan Waddell's relentless attempt to find her, a go? It'll cost you less than a cup of coffee.

You might just find another crime series to enjoy. Book 2 Cannibal City and 3 Vigilante City are already written. Book 4, Romeo City is well on its way.

Monday, 19 June 2017

The wacky world of the pop out cake

Hopefully the person jumping out of your cake won't look as bored as these two!

For a major scene in my book, How Kirsty Gets Her Kicks, I wanted my main character Kirsty to try and get close enough to someone who would immediately have her killed if he saw her.

I racked my brains about how to do this without her being found out and when it emerged he was having a birthday party, I thought it would be awesome if she could hide in a cake.

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen anyone jump out of a cake before, so I didn’t know where to start.  That’s when the good old Internet came to the rescue.   

Here are some fun facts I discovered -

It's actually quite straightforward to hire a pop out cake, as cakes designed for jumping out of are called.

Pop out cake are usually three tier cakes that resemble wedding cakes, you can even make your own. They can also be square.

Note, I said make and not bake your own because the only similarity between these cakes and real ones is the edible frosting they may have on the outside.

Quite often, a table cloth is placed over the bottom the cake to hide the fact there is no bottom and that’s how the person inside gets inside. Other cakes sit on a kind of platter like this one -  and have wheels so that the cake can be wheeled in with the person inside. A section of the cake can be like a door to allow the person to get inside with ease.

The top comes off and that’s how the person inside jumps out.

A pop out cake even featured in Xena Warrior Princess. You can watch the footage by clicking here
To hire a cake, it’s best to approach a prop hire company like this one

Footnote - 
I'm delighted to announce that How Kirsty Gets Her Kicks about a one-legged Glasgow barmaid who goes on the run from with a gangster's cash and gun, will be published next year by the awesome Shotgun Honey. Details to follow.

Stay tuned for details, including the cover reveal, as you finally get to find out why Kirsty jumps out of a cake and how she gets on:)

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What happens after abducted Shelley Craig wakes up in Vile City?

What happens after Shelley Craig wakes up in Vile City after she's been abducted and her boyfriend left for dead

Here's an extract -

When Shelley came to, her throat was raw. Water. She needed water. With one hand, she groped for the glass she always kept on the bedside table.
Damn, it wasn’t there. Must have moved it.
She pulled herself into a sitting position. When she moved her head it was as though a part had broken off inside. She flopped back down. What had she done last night to get into this state? She hadn’t changed out of her work clothes; she was wearing her work trousers that pinched at her calves because Stuart hadn’t noticed the ‘dry clean only’ label and they’d shrunk in the wash.
Trying to dredge up the last thing she remembered made her head hurt. Her disorientation wasn’t helped by being unable to see properly because her eyes were stuck together by the glue of sleep. She must have forgotten to take her contact lenses out.
Wherever she was, it wasn’t at home. She was lying too low down and the place smelt of unwashed laundry and mould.
Maybe she was sleeping on some pal’s floor after one cocktail too many. That had to be it. Think, damn it, think.
When some light permeated the darkness, the jolt it gave her was a bolt of electricity to her brain.
Stuart. He’d been attacked. Was he okay?
A sob wracked her body as she forced herself to sit up. This wasn’t the time to get hysterical. She could do that later when she was safely at home.
She rubbed her eyes with her fingers, picking away the sleep until she could see clearly. She was on a bare mattress on top of a rusty old bed frame, in a strange room with torn wallpaper and flaking paint on the wall. The bed creaked whenever she moved and she wanted to tell it to shut the hell up. She didn’t want him to hear.
She remembered his voice in her ear, saying he’d kill Stuart unless she cooperated. Had he hurt him? That thought made her sob.
He’d know she was awake and then what would he do – rape her? She didn’t think he’d done it already. Surely, she’d be able to tell, wouldn’t she?
Vile City is available now -

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Missing presumed murdered: The tragic case of Renee and Andrew MacRae

The last picture of Renee and little Andrew
Usually when a child goes missing they don't have either of their parents with them. But in the case of the longest open missing persons case In Britain's history, 3-year-old son Andrew was with his mother Renee MacRae when he disappeared along with her, way back in 1976.

Renee was separated from her husband Gordon and dropped her oldest son Gordon who was 9-year-old off at her husband's in Inverness. She was meant to be going to see her sister in Kilmarnock and she was heading that way in her BMW when she was last seen.

The burning car

12 miles away that very same night, a train driver spotted a burning car in an isolated lay-by. It turned out to be Renee MacRae's car.

No trace of either her or the little boy was found. All that police found was a rug stained with blood that was tested and matched MacRae's blood type.

What happened to Renee and little Andrew?

So, how did a car carrying a mother and her child end up on fire and more importantly, where were Renee and little Andrew? Despite an intensive search no trace of either them was ever found.

The Sightings

Witnesses spotted a man dragging what looked like a dead sheep along the road where the mother and child were last spotted driving along. Renee MacRae was wearing a sheepskin coat when she was last seen.

Other witnesses saw a man with a pushchair near the quarry. Could it have been the little boy's?

The Theories

Unbeknown to her husband Renee had been having an affair with a married man called Bill MacDowell who worked for her husband. According to Renee's best friend  she'd been going to see him that night and not her sister as she claimed. What's more she confided in her friend that wee Andrew was her lover's son. This friend claimed that Renee was planning to start a new life with her lover.

If that was true, Renee never got the chance of happiness. Her little boy never got the chance to enjoy his childhood.

Whatever happened to the pair that night it seems certain that they were murdered. Will their bodies ever be found so they can rest in peace?

Some hope

The man in charge of the search, Detective Sergeant Cathcart was convinced he'd found Renee and Andrew in a quarry after removing the topsoil and being hit with the stench of what he believed to be corpses. He hired a bulldozer, but was ordered to stop digging by a senior officer because the vehicle had to go back to the contractors due to lack of money.

Over twenty years later, the quarry was dug up again but there were no sign of any bodies. Had they been removed? We'll never know.

Could the tragic pair be buried beneath this motorway?

The prime suspect

Bill MacDowell, Renee's lover was the main person of interest. At one stage he went into a police station to make a statement, but was dragged out by his wife.

Had he been about to confess? He denied any involvement in Renee and Andrew's murder.

The prevailing theory appears to be that mother and child were killed and buried under the A9 motorway that was being upgraded. If that is this case, maybe one day future roadworks will give all unearth the tragic pair.

Update -

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Vile City gets reviewed by Bibliophile Book Club

Thanks to Ellen for her review of Vile City on the Bibliophile Book Club blog.
Here's a wee taster -

"There is a particularly repulsive character in Vile City – no spoilers but they made my skin crawl and got my hackles up.
Females have a lot of strong roles of varying backgrounds and personalities; glamorous receptionist, sophisticated psychotherapist, local newspaper journalist and the latest victim Shelley Craig. It was refreshing to see this in a crime thriller although nothing (and no-one) is straight forward and I wouldn’t have known who to trust."

You'll need to read the book to find out more.


Book Links -

Monday, 5 June 2017

Vile City in the news

I'm in the Daily Record newspaper talking about Vile City and what inspired me to write the crime thriller.

Id you'd like a wee read, just click on READ IT HERE below the picture to be taken to the piece on the website☺

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Vile City (Detective in a Coma book 1) blog tour

Thanks to for this awesome The Book Review Cafe graphic

Detective Inspector Duncan Waddell and his comatose pal Detective Constable Stevie Campbell, is going on a blog tour.

They'll be extracts from the mystery crime thriller, author interviews and reviews. I'm really looking forward to it.

∞∞∞The stops (and I'll be updating the links as they come)∞∞∞

Day one - The Quiet Knitterer - A review of Vile City. 
Day two - The Book Review Cafe - Read an extract from Vile City.
Day three - Novel Deelights - A review from the awesome Dee. 
Day four - Novel Gossip - Read an extract from Vile City and find out how Shelley Craig is taken. 
Day five - Damppebbles - A Review for Vile City. 
Day six - Ronnie Turner - Read a sample from the novel. 
Day seven - By the Letter Book Reviews - The long road to publication of Vile City. 
Day eight - Keeper of Pages  - A review for Vile City.
Day nine - Bibliophile Book Club - A review from the wonderful Ellen. 
Day ten - My Chestnut Reading Tree 

☺Thanks to all these amazing blogs for featuring Vile City and Noelle and Kate at Thick as Thieves Promotion for all their hard work.
May the sun shine on you all, you lovely people. ☺

Vile City is available as a paperback and an eBook from -
Amazon Kindle (link takes you to your country's site)

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