Vile City
Vile City tells two stories. Detective Inspector Duncan Waddell's who's been lumbered with trying to catch the man dubbed the Glasgow Grabber who's been abducting women in the city, and office worker Shelley Craig who'll do anything to make it home.

Along the way Waddell gets help from an unusual source - friend and colleague Stevie Campbell who's in a coma. At least to everyone else - he's talking to Waddell.

Note - Vile City was published by Caffeine Nights in 2017.

Cannibal City
A killer is stalking male victims on Glasgow's streets. They're being abducted, kept tied up for weeks then strangled and their livers are being removed.

Detective Inspector Duncan Waddell has enough problems not least of all that his best friend and colleague Stevie who's meant to be comatose is talking to him and only him. Now he faces his most bizarre case yet.

Vigilante City
When Douglas John MacDonald stands trial for the rape and murder of schoolgirl Kylie Donovan, everybody expects him to be convicted.

When he walks free there's a public outcry, but not everybody is content to just get angry.
When MacDonald is later found murdered with his pinkie removed just like his 15-year-old victim, the police think it's an isolated incident, but more murders follow and they begin to realise they're on the trail of a vigilante killer.

DI Duncan Waddell - Detective in a Coma Book 2

One lost girl. A bus full of secrets -'My new WIP

One lost girl. A bus full of secrets - My new WIP #amwriting