Saturday, 30 October 2010


The other night I watched the TV adaptation of Mark Billingham’s Sleepyhead.  Although I enjoyed it, I was amazed at how the characters from the book had been translated to the small screen.  David Morrissey was good as DI Thorne, but he’s far too good looking to play the role and some of the rest of the cast could have come straight from Hollywood, like Natascha McElhone who played Dr Coburn and Aidan Gillen (who played Mayor Tommy Carcetti) in The Wire. 

I was also interested to read how an actor of Morrissey’s involvement with the show came about.  He read the novels and wrote to Billingham saying he wanted to play the part.  Budding authors like me can only dream about that happening. 

If your novel was published, who would you like to play your lead character?  I’d love it if Journeyman star Kevin Mckidd played my DI Waddell or David Tennant. 


  1. I am not a writer but would go for Mauries Roeves as my detective as he looks like a weather beaten world weary Glaswegian Policeman

  2. Getting your book to the stage that it would be filmed would be a dream come true so I would not be really bothered who the television or film people chose for the role.

    If I had a choice I think Vincent Regan would be a good choice for a lead detectiove character I think he is a very good actor and under used

  3. Earnst I think he would be smashing in the role. I have just finished watching my Tuiti Fruiti DVDs again. I loved that show and he was brilliant in it.

  4. I know what you mean Emma. I wouldn't care who played it if it got made, because that would be such a dream come true.


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