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WHO TOOK OFFICE WORKER SHELLEY CRAIG? Read an extract from Vile City (Volume 1 Detective in a Coma)

#VileCity #detectiveinaComa #crimethriller #tartannoir  DI Duncan Waddell is on the brink of a nervous breakdown – he thinks his best pal DC Stevie Campbell, who’s been in a coma since he was attacked by a suspect, is talking to him. When office worker Shelley ruses to her boyfriend’s aid after he is attacked, she is abducted. She wakes up in a strange room with no memory of how she got there. On the case, Waddell finds himself in a desperate race against time to uncover the truth behind the abduction. To do this, he and his team must delve into the seedy underbelly of Scotland’s swingers’ scene and a world where women are tricked into the sex business and traded like cattle. Vile City is out now, published by  Diamond Books  in paperback and eBook.  You can buy it by clicking  here   ~ Read an extract  ~ Chapter 1 Stuart was hiding something. Shelley could   tell. She was always the one who’d had to wake him because he could block out the shrill of the alarm clock. Nowadays, he was up
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Who killed schoolgirl Caroline Glachan? - BREAKING NEWS - 3 arrests - Could the case have finally been solved?

UPDATED:  - November 25th, 2021 - 2 MEN AND A WOMAN HELD IN CUSTODY CHARGED WITH CAROLINE'S MURDER  Donna Brand, Andrew Kelly and Robert O'Brien are alleged to have killed Caroline Glachan more than 25 years ago.  When they allgedly murdered the 14 year-old schoolgirl, they would have been 17, 16 and 18. A postmortem on vivacious Caroline showed she was alive when she was dumped in the water.  I never knew Caroline but I often think about her and the terror she suffered in her final moments. It makes me both sad and angry so imagine how those who loved her feel? Hopefully, Caroline and her family will finally get justice at last.  Read more here   Caroline had her life stolen from her  Twenty-two long years ago, on Sunday 25 August 1996, 14-year-old schoolgirl Caroline Glachan was found dead on the water’s edge of the River Leven near Bonhill, Dunbartonshire in Scotland . One of the last people to see Caroline alive was her friend Joanne Menzies. Caroline left Joanne an

How watching bad movies can improve your writing

  What just happened? I just finished watching possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen, The Wilding on Netflix.  The characters were completely unfleshed out and cardboard cutouts and because of that and other issues I found myself not caring about what happened to them. Strangely though, I still couldn't stop watching.  The movie seemed perfect for me. A great cast. The story was an interesting one: a family struggle to adapt back to normal family life after the daughter leaves psychiatric care. What could and should have been a taut and twisty thriller, turned into a big hot mess.  So what went wrong? Give characters character 1. There were too many characters for starters and too many of them were being treated like main characters without any characterisation going on to tell me who those people were. This meant I didn't care what happened to them.  What that taught me about writing a novel - every character has got to earn the right to be in your novel. Make them