Monday, 25 October 2010

Why Vile City?

My novel is set in Glasgow and begins with a young woman getting off a bus with her boyfriend. They take a short cut down an alley (not a wise thing to do anywhere) and are attacked by an assailant unknown. The boyfriend thinks he's been stabbed, but he's been knocked out cold by a sedative and his girlfriend is abducted. Vile City follows DI Duncan Waddell, who wishes he'd become a history teacher, as he tries to track down three women who have been taken by the beast the press have dubbed 'The Glasgow Grabber.'

The title comes from the fact that DI Waddell is becoming disillusioned by the fair city he once loved thanks to the nasty underbelly he uncovers in the course of his work.

As well as this novel, I am also working on a book of 23,000 words aimed at one imprint in particular, about Kirsty, a one legged barmaid who goes on the run after killing a gangster's goon who got a bit too touchy feely by putting her stiletto through his pug ugly head. You had to have been there to know her violence was justified.


  1. Not really into crime fiction, I prefer space faring zombie hobbits, but that does sound intriguing! By the way, if you ever need a proof reader gimme a shout, I have a knack of picking up on other peoples mistakes whilst blissfully ignoring mine :D

    P.S. John says you have to fit in "Clownboots" and "Asylum of Absurdity" into your novel or he will make me cry.

  2. Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. Usually I don't notice mistakes until I've pressed the 'send' button.


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