Monday, 17 January 2011

Things not to say in an exercise video/DVD

How energising is exercise?

Trying to get fit and lose a bit of weight, so have taken to using exercise tapes.  Here are some of the phrases I have grown to despise.

1- 'Feel the burn' - usually when I am holding my abs in and trying not to topple over.

2- 'This is one of my favourites' - unless the instructor is talking about a scrumptious cream cake, I don't want to know this exercise that is killing me is one the chiselled she man or he man loves.

3- 'This will tighten you buns' - buns is an American word.  I hear it and I think of the iced bun I can't have.

4- 'You did well today' - How do you know I actually did anything?  I could have passed out from the exertion.

5- 'Looking good girl' - Naw.  I actually look like a beached whale that's just given birth.

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  1. 6 - Don't forget to breath. By the time they get to that bit, breathing is about all I can do and the people three doors can hear me gasping for breath.


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