Thursday, 16 June 2011

My double life

Okay, I admit it, I live a double life.

Not only am I someone who rambles on about writing a crime novel and other stuff like stiffing it to the man (see post about the power of Twitter), I am also the author of a book I wish had been out when I first became a vegetarian 25 years ago. 

It's called Living Cruelty Free and it does what it says on the tin. It's not just aimed at vegetarians or vegans. It's aimed at anyone who wants to live a kinder life: one that's kinder to people and animals. This can mean anything from not wearing fur, to eating free range and avoiding the cruelest things on the planet like Foie gras (geese and ducks forcefed until their livers swell to many times their natural size).

Here's a sneak preview of the cover of the book that will be published in January 2012, firstly as an ebook. Then later in 2012 as a traditional book.

I blog about the topics in the book at and also tweet as @veggiegirl2011

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