Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Noir Nation Call for Submissions

Do you write crime fiction? You may be the writer Noir Nation are looking for you.

They'd love to get some more stories (including graphic stories i.e. comics) from the UK for Issue 2  (Issue 1 will be available Sept 1, 2011). They start reading for issue 2 on Oct 1.

Note - until October 1st, submissions will not be accepted.

This is a paying market.

The contact is Alan alan@noirnation.com 


  1. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for the heads up on this - sounds cool.


  2. Thanks Jennifer for posting about Noir Nation! I'm following you on twitter.

    Noir Nation is an international journal of crime fiction available world-wide in eBook format. It contains stories, essays, and graphic stories of high literary quality, and will be published in English, French and Spanish. The first issue will be for sale from online booksellers on September 1, 20011.

  3. No worries, Alan. Happy to help. Love the noir feel of your site.


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