Thursday, 27 October 2011

What The Walking Dead needs to do to survive

I love zombies and like millions of other people I’ve been enjoying The Walking Dead.

In season 2 the viewing figures are way up on those for last season and there will now be a season 3, but like all good shows I think it could do with some improvements.

For one thing, not enough is being made of some characters - what has Glenn done in the first two episodes?

The zombie quotient could do with upping.

And, what’s with the model perfect Lori Grimes?

I think the show needs some changes made and that’s why I wrote 9 ways to keep us watching The Walking Dead over at Shadowlocked.

Why not check it out and leave your comments?


  1. All valid points, but like I mentioned on Twitter, I suspect that we'll see many of those things come to pass eventually. They seem to be taking their time, which I'm okay with as long as the zombie action keeps coming and as long as we keep getting nice bits of human drama. The show has already deviated pretty dramatically from the comic (which is good) so there's just no telling. The whole thing with Carl (not wanting to give anything away) is a good example of that.

  2. I've not watched the show, but if you think they need to up the zombie quotient I'm pretty sure you're right. If I was to watch, I'd expect to see A LOT of zomie stuff.

  3. I was on the edge of the settee when the guys went to get medical supplies...screaming at the TV I was (while hiding my eyes at the same time)

    I'm one of those people who likes the zombie genure but with not too many zombies (zombies = guts and gore but I prefer the suspense before they turn up) My zombie stories are a bit like that - someone once asked me if 'The Infection' I referred to in one story was about a STD...nuff said.

  4. It was pretty gripping when they went for those medical supplies, but what a shock twist with Shane and Otis. Never saw that one coming.


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