Sunday, 4 November 2012

Authors with small publishers to lose out as Amazon takes down reviews by other authors

Bet he doesn't need to worry about getting reviews:)

As an author I like to see reviews anyone has done of my books. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my books. Last night, I noticed some reviews had absconded.

I did a bit of checking and I found out that in response to a petition by 400 authors, Amazon had decided to remove any reviews from customers who were registered with Amazon Author Central - anyone who has a book published, whether it's traditionally published or self-published can set up an account so people can click on an author's name and see a list of their books.

I think this unfairly penalises authors like me who are with small publishers and those who are self-published.

This is unfair for a number of reasons -

1. Authors rely on peer reviews from other authors to get reviews. Readers say they'll do reviews, but they don't always find the time.

2.Authors read books too. They also buy books from Amazon. Why shouldn't they be allowed to leave reviews like anyone who's not an author can?

3.The reviews I did for books by the big publishers were left alone. In other words, Amazon operate a two tier system - if you're an author with a big publishing house you appear to be protected from review removal, but if you're not stuff you. Amazon can do what they like. 

At the moment, I don't think the same applies to the UK Amazon, but it's only a matter of time. So, if your reviews start to go missing you know what's happened. You could always complain to Amazon, but I've heard about people who have who've been warned that if they don't shut up and go away they're books will be taken off the site.

Better go now, off to see if Stephen King will endorse Hell To Pay I already have some amazing authors who've read it and agreed to endorse it. Watch this space...


  1. Just plain crazy and unfair - the "solution" is lots worse than the original problem. I wonder if they will follow through with the logic of this one and banish reviews by families and friends of authors.

  2. This seems all wrong to me. It's right to get rid of false reviews by 'sock puppets' but real reviews by real people should stay. Those with author central accounts are real people - it's the reviews by people who have nothing to sell and who've bought nothing who seem suspect to me.

  3. I agree Robert and Patsy, they seem to be penalising authors unfairly. Patsy, I think what they've done encourages sock puppets.


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