Tuesday, 1 July 2014

HarperCollins Australia submissions - but only on a Wednesday

HarperCollins Australia are accepting submissions from all over the world and not just Australia - but only on a Wednesday.

Check out their site for details. 

There's no email address.

You need to upload your work to an online that appears - yeah, you guessed it, on a Wednesday.

They want to see - 

a synopsis of your work (it doesn't tell you until you upload, but it has to be 300 words or less) 
the first 50 pages or first three chapters of your manuscript
a short note about yourself

Happy writing and good luck. 

And, remember, follow the guidelines, folks. Don't make it easy for them to say "NO."


  1. Thanks. I don't have anything ready yet, but I will have eventually.

  2. You're very welcome. Good luck once you do submit, Patsy. It's so rare these days for publishers to look at any unagented submissions.


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