Fantastic sources for the fiction writer

One of the main reasons I decided to write this blog, is that there are so many writing tips I have picked up along the way that I want to share with you.

I have been so lucky to find some fantastic advice on the Internet and in other books about how to write fiction that have proven invaluable to me and I would like to share them with you. If you are a budding novellist like me, I am sure you will find them useful.

Hunting down the Pleonasm is an excellent article by author Allan guthrie on who to write the type of tight prose that gets published. The title gives the best tip of all (in my humble opinion) if you can remove a word or phrase from a sentence without altering the meaning, then ditch that word or phrase. I did and feel my writing is a whole lot better for it. Oops, should of ditched the 'whole.'

Zombie info - I am currently writing a zombie novel and have found the following site to be zombie licking good -

The BBC Writers' Room has some geat resources, including a list of opportunities for writers. 
Visit it here -

Writers' News and Writing Magazine have a great messageboard for writers. 
Check it out at -

Some handy tips to inspire the writer in you -

A nifty wee tool that highlights what words you use most in your writing using a novel word cloud. is a great site where American writer and editor Jim Harrington puts six questions to editors. 

Police jargon

Stuck for police jargon? I was until I found this -


Stephen King's On Writing is one of the best. This man knows how to write a book that grips you and makes you want to read on. And hey, isn't that the whole point?

 Writing Mysteries - A Handbook by the Mystery Writers of America has essays on everything you need to know about the mechanics of writing. How do you write realistic dialogue? What viewpoints best for you? How do you keep people reading on? This and more.


There are a plethora of critique sites out there where you can get feedback on your work, usually if you are willing to read other people's extracts and review them. 

Two of the best are -

Warning - If you want people to rave about your work and say how wonderful you are, DO NOT visit any of these like minded sites because you may get reviews that reduce you to tears or make you madder than a snake poked with a stick. If you want to get your book up to a publishable standard, sites like these will help you to hone your work.


I would thoroughly recommend that anyone who is serious about writing subscribes to Writers' News because it has so many publishing opportunities in every issue.  They also publish Writing Magazine, which is excellent for tips on how to write.

Six years ago I saw a piece in Writers' News from a publishing company called Need2Know who wanted authors for self-help books.  I sent a proposal for a bullying book based on my experiences of being bullied and they wanted to publish it.  Bullying - A Parent's Guide came out in 2005. 

I would recommend that any author joins the Society of Authors.  They will vet your contracts and offer you advice.

You can reach them at -


You'll need this to search for agents
Some authors say you need one, whilst others say you can do perfectly well without one. Whether you want one is up to you.
Here is a link to intreview with literary agent Lucy Luck - PODCAST
Here's a link to a sample contract - CONTRACT

DI Duncan Waddell - Detective in a Coma Book 2

One lost girl. A bus full of secrets -'My new WIP

One lost girl. A bus full of secrets - My new WIP #amwriting